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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Graham McGregor: The power of positive testimonials

By: lifenloans on Sep 29, 2014

Article by Graham McGregor in the NZ Herald

In a recent Herald column I talked about the three marketing challenges you face when selling a high priced or expensive service.

1: How do we get interested qualified prospects to contact our business?
2: How do we convert many of these people into happy paying clients?
3: How do we get a large amount of referral business from these clients?

In this week’s marketing column I want to focus on a simple strategy to solve the second marketing challenge in selling an expensive service.

How do you convert people into happy paying clients for your expensive service?

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use positive testimonials from happy clients who have already used your expensive service and were delighted with the outcome they received.

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Get Sorted: Your kid’s a whiz with money

By: lifenloans on Sep 18, 2014

Kids’ styles with money start early, and a new study shows key habits are already formed by age 7. Here’s how you can relate.

It’s all happening so fast. If there are kids in your life, you’ll know exactly what I mean – you just blink and suddenly they’re tweens going on 20.

Cambridge University and the UK Money Advice Service have just published a new joint study which shows that important money habits and attitudes get formed even earlier than previously thought – by age 7!

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Can tech firms replace human financial advisers?…….NZ Herald

By: lifenloans on Sep 18, 2014

About two years ago, 29-year-old Samuel Dalsimer opened his first personal investment account.

The New York-based public relations manager initially considered traditional investment management services such as ING and Allied Bank, where he would have sought counsel from professional financial advisers. But many of his friends were using software applications – often called “robo-advisers” – designed to provide automated financial guidance.

Though he was wary of online banking – particularly when managed by small companies with whom he was unfamiliar – Dalsimer eventually signed up for Betterment, an online financial advisory service based in New York.

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