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The Most Frequently Asked Question

  • Why should we use your loan or insurance services, and do you charge a fee to help us?

    We work solely for the benefit of our clients, keeping your best interests in mind and saving you money wherever possible. For example, on a 25 year mortgage the correct loan structure can save you literally thousands of dollars.

    Our services go well beyond the normal transactional nature of applications for loans or insurance cover. We spend time with you and analyse your needs and financial situation before formulating a suggested overall plan.

    You are spared the difficulties and the precious time involved in trying to research and analyse the complexities of different products and options, and you are not restricted to the offerings of one insurer or lender.

    We are an accredited mortgage and risk advisory business and we work with most lenders and insurers, who pay us a commission. Therefore 95% of the time our services are absolutely FREE to our clients. In very unusual circumstances lenders do not include any brokerage in the transaction, and we have to charge our client a fee. This fee is always discussed and defined at our first meeting.

Personal Loans and Finance Management

Business Loans and Finance Management

  • Is there a way for my business to pay less interest?

    A Business Offset Loan allows for the combining of balances of business accounts in order to reduce the amount of interest payable on a variable business loan. By paying less interest you pay back more of your original loan (the principal) with each repayment, becoming debt-free faster

  • How can you help me to improve the cash flow in my business?

    Cash flow solutions vary from a simple overdraft facility to cover brief cash flow shortages to a pre-approved line of credit for ongoing borrowing. Lenders have innovative facilities that can help you release cash that’s tied up in credit sales invoices and inventory – ask us how.

Personal Insurance and Risk Management

  • How do I choose the best insurance company?

    Making the right choice is not simple, and it’s not an easy process to compare premiums and brochures. We explain the finer points of the different insurance products on the market and find the most appropriate cover for you.

  • What is Trauma Insurance? What is TPD insurance?

    Trauma and Total and Permanent Disability insurance are also referred to as “living assurance”, “critical condition” or “serious care” cover. Advances in modern medicine mean you are likely to live a long life after suffering a major health problem. This type of insurance helps to improve the quality of life as they are "living covers". A lump sum amount is paid out on claim which can be used to pay off debts, make improvements to the house, pay for private treatments etc.

  • If I have a limited budget, can I pick and choose only certain things to insure again loss or damage?

    Discuss with us your unique requirements for protection from loss, damage or liability – even if you just want to cover a few of your favourite things for now, that is a good start.

Business Insurance and Risk Management

Cash Flow Management and Bookkeeping

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