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Insurance and Risk Management

Be Confident that Your Investments and the Lifestyle You Have Earned are Protected. Our experience helps you determine what cover you and your family need to keep life running as smoothly as possible during the inevitable bumps in the road of life. Gain peace of mind and RECOVER QUICKLY WITH OUR SUPPORT.

Personal Policies Cushion You and Your Family Against Disease,
Disability and Death

  • Focus your strength on making it through difficult or tragic times. This is possible when you have a financial plan in place to cater for common risks.
  • Learn about affordable ways that you can put some risk management in place at an early stage and increase the scope as time goes by.
  • Get good advice and regular reviews of your situation. This is the best means of making the most of your insurance dollar.
  • Choose and update your policies wisely over time. Personal needs change constantly.
  • Establish what personal insurance or combination of cover you need most, with our help and experience.

Business Policies Increase Your Chances of Growth and Success

  • Are you one of the thousands of people in New Zealand who earn their living through having, or being a partner in, a business? Kiwis are noted for their entrepreneurial spirit and their courage to “give it a go”.
  • Being self-employed opens opportunities for great reward – but take into account the escalated risk to your family’s finances and future wellbeing.
  • Plan carefully in advance. It is relatively simple to mitigate some of the dangers and increase the chances of continuing to benefit from your hard work, even in unfortunate circumstances.
  • Take advantage of business cover to make success and the achievement of your ultimate goals much more likely.
  • Consider, with our advice, all the various insurance options as you progress your company and make important commercial decisions.

Fire And General Policies Insure your Essential Valuable Goods

  • In times of accident or disaster, nothing can replace precious memories and souvenirs of the lives of our loved ones. Using a fireproof safe and backing up on The Cloud are the only precautions we can take.
  • Repair or replace everything else that is important for your quality of life by choosing the right insurance.
  • Protect the essential things you own against misfortune. Give yourself peace of mind about the nest you have invested in, the vehicle that keeps you moving, earning or learning, or the prize possessions that surround you – symbols of security and growth.
  • Let us do what we do well. Our assistance ensures that you are covered by providers with excellent financial and claim ratings, you are not over- or under-insured, and there are no surprises in the fine print of the policies you choose.

We offer a Free Review of your Existing Insurance Cover and provide you with a No Obligation Best Summary and Recommendations. If you do want help implementing new policies or managing your existing risk cover, we are here for you.

As of Dec 2018, we no longer provide risk solutions ourselves but have partnered with highly specialised individual risk advisors to provide the best solutions for all our clients as we strongly believe that evaluating individual and business risk as well as presenting and providing the best solution for our clients we do need to engage the services of skilled individuals specific in this area with the new legislation and licencing regime around the corner.

  • Take advantage of our FREE REVIEW of your financial situation
  • Tap into our EXPERTISE in savings, structures and solutions
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